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We're an OOH marketing agency & printing service in New York, NY.

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Our Capabilities

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  • Media Buying
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Since 2002, we’ve been the go-to OOH agency in New York, NY, printing our world famous Wheatpaste Posters® for all your Wheatpasting campaigns around Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Statten Island and the Bronx. We offer a wide range of OOH marketing services for every budget as well as a same day printing service for all our large format printing products.

Our New York Services

8 Sheets

Dominate the streets of New York, NY, and beyond with visually stunning and impactful displays that resonate with your audience. 8 Sheets are small to medium sized billboards with maximum impact at a reduced cost to traditional large billboards.


Capture the attention of millions in the bustling heart of NYC leaving an indelible impression that drives results. Billboards deliver the biggest impact for your ROI than any other OOH format. The bigger, the better.

Digital Billboards

Unleash the power of technology with our Digital Billboards. Dynamic, eye-catching, and impossible to ignore, these digital displays will dominate your customers eyes and can be programmatically tailored to suit your custom campaign.

Mobile Billboards

Take your message on the road with Mobile Billboards, turning the bustling streets of New York, NY into your personal advertising canvas. Reach your audience wherever they are with this innovative and attention-grabbing solution.

Guerilla Marketing

Disrupt conventions and make a lasting impression with Guerilla Marketing. We can tailor a campaign to meet any budget, from sticker-bombing to sidewalk stencils, flyer distribution or experiential displays.

Media Buying

Our Media Buying team let’s you secure prime spots across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Statten Island and the Bronx to maximize your brand’s exposure and impact.

Window Wraps

Transform your store windows into captivating advertising displays with our Window Wraps. Launch your campaigns directly on our network of window owners, or sell ad space on your own windows.


We’re the trademark owners of Wheatpasting®, the original guerilla marketing technique to bring street-level posters directly to line of sight of your customers. Become part of the culture of New York’s fabric with a wheatpasting NYC campaign today.

OOH Advertising Placements in New York

Naturally, New York offers the biggest OOH market in the United States. With over 63,000 confirmed OOH placements available including wheatpasting walls, billboards, retail, airports, wallscapes, bustops & DOOH. There’s a reason why it’s called the Big Apple.

New York OOH Markets

Why Choose Wheatpaste Posters?

We get it, businesses just simply don’t have time to mess around with marketing decisions anymore. Time is money, and this is New York. Savvy customers do extensive research on businesses and goods before making a final decision. Customers will move on to another brand if they have any doubts about your latest campaign.

Create a competitive advantage for your business with a sleek and modern out-of-home advertising campaign. Our team provides a full turn-key service including printing in-house in our New York facility, then street teams to install and deliver your campaigns. We work directly with you to secure real estate placements from our network of full legal partners in the hottest neighborhoods of NYC.

Let’s Talk About New York

New York, often referred to as the “City that Never Sleeps,” stands as a global epicenter of culture, commerce, and creativity. Its vibrant and diverse population, iconic skyline, and bustling streets create a unique canvas for advertising campaigns. From the towering billboards of Times Square to the eclectic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York offers a rich tapestry of settings that effortlessly capture attention and spark conversations.

The city’s fast-paced lifestyle and constant flow of people ensure that advertising messages are seen by a diverse and engaged audience. Whether it’s the steady stream of tourists, the diverse local communities, or the influential business professionals, New York provides an unparalleled platform to reach a wide spectrum of individuals.

With its reputation as a trendsetter and cultural hub, New York sets the stage for innovative and cutting-edge advertising strategies. Brands have the opportunity to align themselves with the city’s energy and dynamism, making every campaign a chance to leave an indelible mark on a global stage. In a place where creativity knows no bounds and possibilities are endless, New York’s ever-evolving landscape provides the perfect backdrop for advertising campaigns that want to make a lasting impact.

Elevate your next Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign to extraordinary heights with Wheatpaste Posters®, we’re the ultimate choice for innovative and impactful advertising solutions. With a track record of transforming ordinary spaces into captivating brand narratives, we blend creativity and expertise to deliver campaigns that resonate and inspire.

We pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and redefining traditional advertising. Our professional team combines artistic vision with strategic thinking, ensuring that your message stands out in the sea of people that is NYC. Whether it’s the vibrant streets of New York or any corner of the world, our Wheatpasting® campaigns turn walls into canvases, sparking conversations and creating memorable experiences.

We don’t just create posters; we craft immersive brand stories that connect with audiences on a deeper level. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and meticulous execution means your campaign will seamlessly integrate into NY’s bustling street culture. Choose us for your next OOH campaign and let’s GET YOUR MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE.

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This is office is currently closed for pickups. Contact us for print pickups in Brooklyn.

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We proudly print all our products in-house in our New York, NY facility.

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