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Bigger is always better. Get maximum impact for your campaigns with our strategic billboard locations.

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Whenever you’re in the big city, everywhere you look you’ll be inundated with the biggest advertising placement in OOH, billboards. Billboards come in all shapes and sizes, can be digital or mobile, but they all share one common thing – they are the best performing OOH placement by a mile.

When commuting by vehicle, bus, or train, you may find yourself observing the world — and billboard advertisements — pass by.

Research suggests 49% of adult consumers notice billboard advertisements more than they did a year ago. They are visible from the street, vehicles and from up high in homes and offices and apartment blocks. Effective billboard advertising increases brand awareness. This is because it exposes your business (or product or campaign) to the largest possible audience. Compared to other marketing methods, billboards typically have the maximum number of views and impressions because they are located in such busy areas.

We’ve got +20 years experience in the biggest billboard market in the world, Times Square, New York City. We provide a full turnkey billboard advertising service including in-house large format vinyl banner printing, real estate and media buying, permits and reporting. Talk to one of our salesteam today about your next billboard campaign.

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What does billboard advertising cost?

The price of billboard advertising depends on a number of variables. These consist of:

  • Billboard placement
  • Regional transportation volume
  • The estimated number of individuals who will view your advertisement.

Typically, billboard advertising costs are billed monthly. They can range from $250 on a rural road to more than $50,000 in Times Square. The average cost for four weeks is approximately $4000. Digital billboards begin at a marginally more expensive price point. The average cost of a four-week campaign is $2,100, though some can charge as little as $10 per day.


Size (US) Size (EU) Description
5×11 ft 152 cm x 335 cm Smaller format, often used for local promotions.
6×12 ft 183 cm x 366 cm Compact size suitable for dense urban areas.
5×22 ft 152 cm x 671 cm Common for street-level advertising in cities.
5×36 ft 152 cm x 1097 cm Long format suitable for urban areas.
10×30 ft 305 cm x 914 cm Standard highway billboard size.
14×48 ft 427 cm x 1463 cm Large format, ideal for major highways.

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