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In the world of graphic design, creating visually stunning and impactful posters is crucial to grabbing attention and conveying messages effectively. One technique that has gained popularity in recent years is wheatpasting, a form of street art that involves pasting large-scale posters onto public surfaces. To help designers bring their wheatpaste poster designs to life, mockups have become an invaluable tool in their creative arsenal.

Wheatpaste Mockups 1

01. Wall Posters Mockup by Thunder Studio

At just $13, this Wall Posters Mockup from Thunder Studio is a valuable resource for showcasing your designs in a realistic and professional manner. With this mockup, you can easily present your artwork or promotional materials on a wall, giving clients and customers a clear vision of how it would look in a real-life setting. The high-quality design and attention to detail make this mockup a great choice for designers looking to impress their audience. You can find this mockup here.

>Wheatpaste Mockups 1

02. Night outdoor fly poster set mockup by Makebelieve

Makebelieve offers a stunning Night Outdoor Fly Poster Set Mockup that allows you to showcase your flyer designs in a captivating nighttime environment. This mockup provides a realistic representation of how your designs would appear when displayed outdoors at night, creating a visually striking impact. While the price is not specified, the quality and attention to detail in this mockup make it a worthy investment for designers looking to create eye-catching promotional materials. You can check out this mockup here.
Wheatpaste Mockups 1

03. Glued paper poster mock-up by Freepik

Freepik offers a premium PSD Glued Paper Poster Mock-up that allows you to display your poster designs with a realistic and authentic feel. This mockup features a glued paper style, giving your designs a unique and textured look. With its high-quality presentation and customizable features, this mockup is an excellent choice for designers seeking a versatile and professional way to exhibit their poster designs. Please note that this mock-up is available as a premium PSD. You can find more information about this mockup here.

These three Wheatpaste mockups provide designers with a variety of options to showcase their poster designs in a visually appealing and realistic manner. Whether you’re looking for a mockup to display your artwork on a wall, outdoors at night, or with a glued paper effect, these mockups offer the tools you need to impress your audience and bring your designs to life.

Wheatpaste Mockups 1

04. Text Repetition Cover Collection by Freepik

Freepik offers a captivating Text Repetition Cover Collection that includes a range of stunning designs suitable for wheatpaste posters. This collection features a variety of repeating text patterns, giving your posters a unique and eye-catching appeal. With different styles and colors to choose from, this collection provides ample options to find the perfect design for your wheatpaste poster. You can explore this collection here.

Wheatpaste Mockups 1

05. Urban Poster Mockup Street PSD by FoundImages

FoundImages presents an Urban Poster Mockup Street PSD that allows you to showcase your wheatpaste poster designs in a realistic urban environment. This mockup captures the essence of street art, offering a dynamic backdrop for your designs. The high-quality presentation and attention to detail make this mockup a great choice for designers looking to create visually impactful wheatpaste poster mockups. For more information on this mockup, you can visit the link here.

These two resources provide designers with even more options to enhance their wheatpaste poster designs. Whether you’re searching for eye-catching text patterns or a realistic urban setting for your mockups, these links offer valuable resources to elevate your design projects.

Using Mockups in your Workflows

Think of mockups as your design’s dress rehearsal. They give you the chance to see your designs in action, in all sorts of settings, before they hit the printing press. And when it comes to wheatpaste posters, mockups are like a magic mirror, showing you exactly how your artwork would look pasted up on walls, billboards, or any urban canvas.

Play around with these mockups. Change up your designs, toy with dimensions, shift placements. It’s all about making sure your poster looks just right, fits perfectly in its surroundings, and really grabs people’s attention.

What’s even better? Mockups are a real timesaver. No more wasting resources on creating physical prototypes. Simply upload your artwork onto a mockup template, and voilà! You get to see, right away, how your design will look in the real world. This means you can tweak and fine-tune your designs faster, until they’re spot on.

So, whether you’re a seasoned designer working on a project for a client, or an artist wanting to showcase your work, wheatpaste poster mockups are your secret weapon. They help bring your designs to life in the most realistic and engaging way. Using mockups as part of your workflow means you can present your designs with confidence, wow your clients, and truly realize your creative vision.

Using Mockups in Figma

You can take your workflows a step further by including your wheatpaste mockup files in to Figma and tweaking them directly in to your artworks. There are a bunch of plugins available to do this, such as the amazing Figma Plugin from Mockuuups Studio (it’s a triple ‘u’). You can access their catalog of mockups and directly tweak them within Figma and export in to your websites and marketing outputs. Work smarter, not harder.

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